Welcome to the Hansen Institute of Highest Education. We create World Class training programs to advance your life in the real world. The Hansen Institute is lead by the worlds bestselling non fiction author, Mark Victor Hansen and his team of all star thought leaders including Preston Weekes and Crystal Dwyer Hansen.

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We have developed proven formulas for over 40 years!

Mark Victor Hansen has spoke to over 1,000,000 people live on stage with the most famous people and companies in the world. In the Hansen Institute, he has gathered the worlds best solutions for your benefit.

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Have Your World class story written for you!

Want your book but don't have the time and need a team you can trust? Get your book written at the Mark Victor Hansen Library

Master Author Training

Learn How to turn a Book into a Business

The book is just the beginning. What are you going to do with it? Get inspired to create money with your writing by taking the You Have A Book In You training program.

Master Your Life

The center of all success comes from emotional balance. Formula EQ is the most powerful training ever created to master all situations in life and life at a performance level only the top 2% achieve in the world.

Become a Master Asker

The Master Asker training program teaches you to ask for anything you want in life. It starts through the journey of asking yourself, others, then god.

Speaking Events

We will deliver world class keynote talks to your audience. We have options from 1-3 speakers and can cover bespoke topics for your group.

1:1 Coaching

Are you ready to level up? Do you take your personal progression seriously? Then its time to dive in straight on and utilize the most powerful tool available, 1:1 coaching



Mark was turned down 144 times trying to get his book published. He kept going when others told him it would never work-that it wasn’t a good idea.

Today with almost 500 million Chicken Soup for the Soul books sold, Mark is glad he held fast to the principles of perseverance, excellence, and belief in one’s self that have allowed him to create extraordinary achievement in his life. As one of the world’s most respected thought leaders, he is known globally as the Ambassador of Possibility...

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We Make it Easy and fun to make changes in your life!

There is no one in the world that can light up a room like the energy of a Hansen Institute teacher. We deliver 100% of the time showing up to inspire, teach, and motivate you or your team to the goal.

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